The Night Mail

The Night Mail is a poem written in  1936 by W H Auden to accompany the documentary film of the same year and the same title. The film depicted a London, Midland, and Scottish Railway (LMS) mail train travelling from London to Scotland. It was produced by GPO Film Unit, directed by Harry Watt and Basil Wright, and narrated by John Grierson and Stuart Legg. Auden’s poem was read toward the end of the film, set to music by Benjamin Britten. Lines were chopped and changed to fit the film. The intention of the film was to show the public how the mail was distributed by train. The rhythm of the film matches the train’s movement. Auden apparently used a stopwatch as he set the lines to the film. The form of the poem is made up of eight rhymed, four-beat couplets.

We have had a go at reciting sections of the poem and adding our own sound effects. We hope you enjoy them.





This week not only do we have lots of super spellers (and this set of  words was hard!) and tables busters but we are also proud that we were the class with the best attendance in October.

Congratulations to Super spellers Michael, Erin, Kira, Lily-Rose, Lily HW and Leia and to our Tables Buster Hannah B.

Super Spellers and Tables Champions

We have changed the types spellings we are learning this half term. Last half term, we were learning words from the common exception lists while this term we are  making a start on the  spelling rules for Yr 5. So far we have learnt about all the different ways the ‘ough’ can sound in words and last week we leant words that make the ‘shul’ sound spelt- cian and -tian.

Our super spellers for the ‘ough’ words were:   Michael, Summer, Tristan, Kira, Lily HW, Zav, Lula, Lily N, Charlie C

Our tables busters this week were Charlie C and Quintus for busting Speedy Tables 2 (48 questions in 3 minutes).

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