Congratulations Hannah!

We are very proud of one of our class members, Hannah Burton, who was nominated for the Volunteer of the Year Award in King’s Lynn. She was one of six finalists invited to the Corn Exchange in Lynn last Friday and we are delighted that she went on to win! KLFM, who sponsored the event, said:

A volunteer of the year is someone who goes the extra mile and puts themselves forward for the tasks that may be hard or tiring or more than is ever expected of them. They do it for the love of it, and the feeling of reward they get afterwards. This gives you the chance to show them how much they’re appreciated, and how the world wouldn’t tick if it wasn’t for them. Remind them that there should be more young heroes like them.

Hannah has raised money for the charity Children with Cancer  by making  and selling paper roses. She set herself the challenge of making  and selling 1000 before the end of the year and is on track to achieve this. On Saturday she was making roses in Hunstanton and managed to raise over one hundred pounds.

Hannah Burton


Christmas Performance

This year we did something different for Christmas. Each class had a ten minute slot to do a presentation and our class chose to do light and candles. We decided to base the presentation around an advent wreath made up of ourselves. Some of us dressed in white as candles and wore lovely candle headdresses made for us by Mr Simpkins while most of us dressed in green and were the wreath.

We all played Now Light One Thousand Christmas Lights on glockenspiels and chime bars and told the story of what an advent wreath represents. To finish off with, we sung the Christmas song Like a Candle Flame.

You can watch our presentation here.



Smithdon Science Day

Last Wednesday we were lucky enough to visit Smithdon to take part in a science day especially for Yr 5s organised by COSMOS, the Cambridge Science Centre.  Over the course if the day, the children learned about how both the eye and the ear work, by watching demonstrations,  exploring many types of hands-on equipment and constructing models.

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Christmas Elves

As it is now December and  Advent starts on Sunday, we decided to decorate our classroom today. We all took turns to put ornaments on the Christmas tree and then at lunchtime a group of Christmas Elves helped me put the finishing touches to the tree

and to hang up some streamers. They even put baubles on lots of the desks. I’m not sure how long they’ll stay in place!